Checked Tablecloths For Your Cafe

Cleanliness and aesthetic value cannot be over emphasised in a restaurant. From the tables and seating to the general surrounding, it is essential to pay extra attention to cleanliness. The table cloth used communicates a lot to the clients and therefore, care should be exercised in their choice. Vinyl wipeable table cloths are very popular in restaurants for a number of reasons. But what are they?

Extra information about checked tablecloth

Variety of colours and Design

Whether you are looking for a checked tablecloth, plain ones, ones with intense floral patterns in any colour, shape or even design, there is something for you. There is a wide variety of table cloths for you ensuring that you do not have to compromise on the colours or patterns you wanted. These table cloths are a great way to complement the d├ęcor in the restaurant. It is possible to get vinyl table cloths in colours that are rare to find with cotton or linen table cloths. Given the great variety, different designs and colours can be used for different restaurant sections to bring out specific emotions or to suit the occasion.

Stain Repellent and easy to clean

Vinyl table clothes repel all types of stains including water and oil. This makes it hard for them to stain and lose their colour. In addition, this makes them easy to clean since you only need to wipe them. In essence, this saves time for the staff members that can be used for other tasks. The fact that they do not require ironing makes them better.


Another great quality of the vinyl table cloths is their durability. They can withstand rough treatment from clients and employees. They do not tear or scratch easily making them ideal for use in high traffic restaurants. If maintained well, they can last several years, saving on costs.


The affordability of vinyl wipeable table cloths makes them a cost effective option for the cotton table cloths. There are different price levels with regards to the design and quality of the table cloth. For small restaurants and those that would like to keep their costs minimal, vinyl table cloths are the best option. This coupled with their low maintenance costs appeals to most restaurant owners.

Vinyl table cloths can be coupled with cotton or linen table cloths to create certain effects. When used this way, they prevent the linen from getting stained or destroyed by weather elements. They also brighten up outdoor spaces given a great atmosphere for the event in question.